Writing more as this summer rolls along. May on occassion post some music in the works. But excited for new endeavors and plans up ahead. June was great but as I’m seeing this month, more ideas are coming into fruition. There’s something about the creative process that seems not so different than when I look at a blank sheet of paper. It’s all there, it just needs to be put into reality. Doing the artshow back in august was a big eye opener in making what I see put into the forefront. Makes it real.

Also realize that I’m not so much a social media person. I’m very personal and hope that these blogs are a way to really get to know more of who I am. I’ve always loved creating. Websites and other types of non-social media platforms are a great way to show who we really are. So much of who we are gets lost in the quick gratification of social media. I feel like we could get lost in really knowing who or why we do certain things easily in this day in age. But it’s so accepting that we don’t even question it. As short lived as myspace was, at least I was able to mess with the site’s code and create on it. FB is so watered down, and with every new update, we get tantalized and forget that we are bogged to a system. So in that sense, I leave you with MY site. It’s for the public and also a glimpse into my world.

Music, art and all. ♥ smile